The sudden demise of Irrfan Khan has sent tremors of grief to the entire world and left an indelible void. And we’re paying our tributes by honouring his legacy.


Did you know, before he took Bollywood and Hollywood by storm with his phenomenal on-screen talent, Irrfan was actually training to become a professional cricketer?

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In 2017 while getting up-close and personal on the famous chat-show, Son Of Abish, Irrfan opened up about the road not taken. He revealed how he had to put a premature end to his dreams of becoming a cricketer because he didn’t have enough money to fund his ambition. 


When asked by the host, Irrfan revealed that he was an all-rounder who preferred batting over bowling but for some reason, his captain made him a bowler because he always managed to get the wickets. 


In fact, Irrfan was so taleneted on the field that he was selected to play the Col CK Nayudu tournament. But just like every other Indian household, Irrfan had to sneak out and make excuses to be on the field. He further mentioned: 

The situation in my house was such that I had to lie to go and play, and make excuses when asked where we were. So it wasn’t encouraged to have a career in sports. 
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However, Irrfan had to hang his pads along with his dreams of becoming a cricketer when he couldn’t afford to get a ticket for the tournament: 

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So, somewhere between the struggle of coming up with excuses and trying to arrange money, Irrfan had to walk away from his dreams of pursuing a career in cricket. 


But evidently, he took this to his stride, hit a six with the curveball that life threw at him. Today, not only Bollywood but also Hollywood applauds his on-screen talent. 

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Irrfan’s legacy will always live on, in his characters. May his soul rest in peace.