India’s booming IT and outsourcing  capabilities have given birth to a whole new breed of white collar workers. We know them simply as “I.T Guys.” One of them provided us with the signs that mark them out from the rest of us. Here they are;

1. When you travel to the US you must bring back chocolates.

2. A personal USB drive in your bag could get you into more trouble than a weapon.

3. The logos on people’s backpacks at work is like a sigil of a house in Game of Thrones.

4. A honeymoon for some of your colleagues is mainly a trip to Tirupathi.

5. If a co-worker likes you, you can’t help but feel like the office stud.

6. Birthday? Sweets at my desk!

7. Your office parking garage is just as important for parking as it is for dance practice at the next company outing.

8. When you go out for a company outing, an open bar means you get two drink tickets.

9. Changing your password is just as frequent as changing your clothes.

10. When foreigners come to the office, bring out the garlands.

11. Your colleagues are checking Cric Info or Team BHP when they’re not working. Or when they are working.

12. Holiday = ETHNIC DAY

13. When people get sick, the de facto excuse is “Climate Change.” Even in Bangalore, which has just one climate.

14. Tiffin time means sharing time.

15. Whenever a colleague gets an over-seas posting, an FB post is mandatory.

16. Samosa parties at the office canteen means somebody’s team did well on their last project.

17. Google is your best friend and has the answer to any problem you may have.

18. You have that one colleague who never says a word to you but keeps sending you the most senti mail forwards about life and love.

19. You have colleagues who disappear for a few days and then come back married.

20. You speak in local languages with certain colleagues to move things along faster.

This article has been written in partnership with the inimitable Sanjay Manaktala , better known as the “I.T Guy.” Check out his YouTube Channel for more awesomeness!