Bollywood and Tollywood films have mastered the art of exaggeration, they usually get so involved in overplaying scenes and storylines, that they forget how unrealistic they make it look. While we do not always get realistic plots and actions, at least we’re left with a laugh. Well, dramatic scenes have always been the USP.

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A Twitter user shared a scene from the Telugu film Prananiki Pranam, and it has left the internet re-evaluating the idea of romance. In this scene, the character who’s convicted and hence arrested, ties a mangalsutra around the “love interest’s” neck. But here’s the thing, he somehow doesn’t notice the prison bars and the mangalsutra literally ties the woman to the bars.

Like any normal ‘hero’ he comes up with the best solution, which is to dismantle the jail bar and not to untie the mangalsutra, instead. Not only does he break rules, but quite literally breaks the jail cell he’s put in. And this scene typically describes Indian cinema’s obsession with ‘hyperbole’ – we just like our minds blown, logic isn’t important.

Twitter is intrigued by the popularity of the scene, and also having a good laugh.

It’s not true love if you don’t break things for them.