The much-awaited Spanish show La Casa De Papel, popularly known as Money Heist, is set to premiere on September 3rd with its brand-new season. A Jaipur-based IT company has given its employees the day off to binge-watch the show.

Yes, you read it right.

VerveLogic, a mobile app development company, shared an email with its employees declaring a ‘Netflix & Chill’ holiday on September 3rd rather than seeing an attack of emails with false leaves or see mass bunks and mobile phones being switched off on the day.

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The company took to its social media handles and shared a copy of the email.

We have taken this initiative not just to save an attack on our emails with false leaves, see mass bunks and numbers being switched off but because we know ‘Sometimes Moments of Chill be The Best Pills for Energy At Your Work’. So grab the popcorn, and be prepared to wave a final bye to our most loved professor and the entire cast.

He signed off on the email with Bella Ciao, which is the show’s anthem.

In addition, the firm also made a super fun ‘task list’ that had a timeline of events that one should do.


Even Netflix India applauded their efforts and joked that we already had our ‘bank work’ excuse ready for our boss but this is fantastic.

The announcement has garnered several reactions on Twitter & Instagram:


The last part of the nerve-wracking show will showcase how the professor and his gang are trapped inside the Bank of Spain while they try to escape one last time.