Now that we have all seen the first photos of Robert Pattinson as Matt Reeves’ Batman, it isn’t wrong to say that we wish we had more details about the film. 

Bloody Disgusting

The fact of the matter is that we might have some news. According to GQ Australia, actor Johnny Depp has reportedly been considered to play the Caped Crusader’s arch-nemesis, The Joker. 

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Mind you, this is not a sure thing, at least not for now. Reports state that Warner Bros. and director Matt Reeves have been singling out actors to play the iconic character and Depp’s name is on top of that list. 


Deep certainly has the acting chops to play whatever version of the Joker Reeves has planned. But it is going to be a very difficult act to follow after Joaquin Phoenix set the bar with an Oscar for the role. 

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Depp has been known to play some very eccentric characters throughout his long career. Hopefully he gets this one and we might just have another masterpiece on our hands.