Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t watched the series finale, you might want to bugger off. 

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Alright, I’m not going to comment on how the series finale was. If it was satisfying or bleh, is for you to decide. 


I’m here to talk about the best moment of the whole episode. And anyone who doesn’t think this was the best moment needs to grow a heart. 


I am talking about Jon going to Castle Black and finally petting Ghost. 


After Jon asked Tormund to take him North of the Wall a couple of episodes ago and didn’t even call him a good boy once, we all knew that something was wrong with that dude. 


I mean, the showrunners had to know and probably had anticipated the hate they were going to receive after that. 

But Ghost’s face on seeing Jon makes it all worth it. 


Look! They clearly played us. But hey, I ain’t complaining. And neither is Twitter. 

When Jon had picked him up, he was the runt of the litter. But he is the only one of his siblings who has survived the 7 kingdoms, the wildlings, and even the army of the dead.

Ghost has been with Jon since the very beginning. He’s lived his life for Jon. He’s fought wars for Jon.


Whatever else might have happened in the finale, we can be sure that this moment stole the damn show!