Following Virat Kohli stepping down as the captain of the Indian Men’s Test team, spouse Anushka Sharma posted a heartfelt and touching letter, looking back at the journey, the ups and downs and the growth Virat had achieved, both professionally and in his personal life. 

As someone who’s been with Virat since the first time he captained India in a Test match (Adelaide, Australia), Anushka has been part of the ups and downs of his career, even taking unwarranted punishment for the rare lacklustre days in Virat’s career. So, it’s only natural that she would speak about one of the biggest decisions of his life. That’s how partnerships work. That’s how marriage is supposed to work. 


Unfortunately, this journalist didn’t think so and questioned Anushka’s letter, comparing her to the spouses of Sachin, Sehwag, Dravid and the likes and essentially accusing her- one of the most popular faces in Indian cinema- of chasing glory. 

Naturally, he was taken to task by legions of Indians with still-functioning brain cells. 

Oh, and he’s factually incorrect as well. Rahul Dravid’s wife, Vijeta wrote an op-ed about The Wall that was published in possibly the largest, most popular cricket website on the planet.