Just yesterday, actor Juhi Chawla filed a suit against the implementation of 5G in India as she believes that the radiation from 5G is too harmful to people. Good for her. And since she seems to be in a mood for social reform, we suggested a few more things that she can drag to court.

1. Juli Chawla should file police complaints against children who don’t eat chawanprash growing up. 


2. Juhi Chawla should report those kids to police who sit too close to their TV sets. 

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3. Juhi Chawla should go to court to make sure the legal age for owning a phone is 21. 

4. Juhi Chawla should appeal to the courts to demolish half our houses because vaastu se nahi banaya tha.


5. Juhi Chawla should go to the court to stop people from going to the beach anywhere (post-pandemic) because udhar shark aa sakta hai


6. Juhi Chawla should file an FIR against social media because this still exists. 


7. Juhi Chawla should file a case against houses built for the poor because they are taking up the empty spaces that could be used to plant trees. 


8. Juhi Chawla should report the middle child in every household because nobody even cares about them anyway.


9. Juhi Chawla should go to court against the FRIENDS reunion because they all drink coffee which is not good for health, I guess. 


10. Juhi Chawla should lodge an FIR against the Sun because sabse gande cancerous radiation wahin se aate hain.


11. Juhi Chawla should file a case against the printer that printed the affidavit of the complaint in court because it’s increasing the world’s carbon footprint. 

12. Juhi Chawla should report you to the police for getting to the 12th point of a random article on a Tuesday morning instead of doing the job you’re being paid for. 

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13. Juhi Chawla should sue car companies for making things that can run over people. 

14. Juhi Chawla should file a case against light bulbs because all technological advancements had to start from somewhere. Agar light hi nahi hota to log internet thodi banatey


15. Juhi Chawla should file a case against the sugarcane farmers as they will be responsible for people having diabetes in 20-30 years. 


So many things to do, so little time. Feeling bad for her now. Also, just so you know, this is all my poor little attempt to sound sarcastic, in good humour of course.