Chris ‘Captain’ Evans found his dog, Dodger while filming Gifted. They were shooting at a shelter and Chris didn’t know that the dogs were not hired for the shoot but were up for adoption.   

Chris was so spellbound by Dodger that he took him home. He even got their meeting filmed. Since then, Chris and Dodger have been inseparable.  

Check out their pawsome pics:

01. Two cute to handle.

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02.  Keep calm and scroll on.

03. Dog lovers assemble!

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04.  Buddies for life.

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"Homebodies" Chris Evans via Twitter 🐶

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05. Soft doggo, warm doggo.

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06. Heavy breathing.

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07. I'll be there for you

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08. Slurp!

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09. Thank you for blessing us with this picture!

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10. Let us breathe, please.

11. Take me for a walk too!

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12. It's working out perfectly.

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No, you stop smiling.