It’s one of those days today where we have come across a brainless influencer who would call anything “content”. Kajal, a social media influencer, made a garbage reel where she is trying to pet the street doggo only to kick it later with her sharp stilettos. It’s shameless how she abused the doggo and said nikal madarch*d.

At the end of the video, the dog runs away, and she is laughing towards the end.


Watch the video here:

The video soon went viral with more than 200K views and people rightfully called out this person for her insensitive behaviour. Let’s keep it simple if you’re scared of dogs or any other animal just stay away from them. Those powerless souls have done nothing to you and definitely don’t deserve this stupid act.

Here’s how people have strongly condemned this influencer’s actions:

After the video went viral, people called her out. She posted an apology video on her profile saying she got scared and it was a reflex action. But again, people called this apology fake and dumb.

That said, please be kind to animals, especially stray animals.

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