Recently, a group of tourists lost their lives in a landslide in Kinnaur district, among which was a woman named Deepa Sharma. Who had posted a photo of herself minutes before the incident took place. 

Twitter/ @deepadoc

Here is what Deepa Sharma, an Ayurveda doctor from Jaipur had posted prior to the tragic incident. 

After a couple of hours, actor Kangana Ranaut spoke of the grief she felt upon finding this out because apparently, the woman was a fan of hers and she’d met her on several occasions. She posted on her Instagram revealing the two had been in touch for some time now, and how heartbreaking it was for her to hear this news. 

Here is what the actor posted. 


She also continued to warn people against travelling to the mountains during monsoon season. 


Please be safe everyone, avoid travelling to the hills in the rainy season.