Sexism, transphobia, homophobia, body shaming – you name an offensive act – and it has been a theme of a ‘joke’ on Comedy Nights with Kapil and The Kapil Sharma Show. The entire show functions on the problematic humour, masking it as ‘adult’, and the trick has worked for years. Which is simply unfortunate. Here are 8 instances of Kapil saying offensive things on and off air to give you a glimpse into what his comedy looks like.

1. When he gave a 1-minute lecture on how men can be stalkers and then proceeded to flirt with an audience member on the show.

2. When he asked Sara Ali Khan if she is acting in an ‘adult movie’ in response to her statement that she was going to sets secretly. 

Times of India

3. This was an actual joke on Comedy Night With Kapil:

Kapil: 12 hazaar diye hain maine Sohail Bhai ko.

Sumona Chakravarti: Tum paise deke ye film kar rahe ho?

Kapil: Kya karein? Ladke hain, paise hi de sakte hain. 

4. When he welcomed Nora Fatehi with lines, “Bhookha aadmi jo hota hai, use 2 roti dikha do toh uski aankhon mein aansu aa jaate hain“. Which translates to, “When someone is hungry, even the sight of two chapatis brings tears to their eyes”. 

India Today

5. When asked Riteish Deshmukh, “Jab aadmi chota hota hai toh uska sab kuch chota ho jaata hai?“. 

6. When he asked Bipasha Basu if he can sleep in the same room as hers to comfort her if she has a nightmare.

Telly Chakkar

7. He keeps joking about Archana Puran Singh’s physique, and all the comments are insulting. The same has been pointed out by people before.

8. When he blatantly body-shamed a person on social media. Though their tweet was also unnecessary and questionable, answering it with a comment on their body can’t be encouraged.