What does New Year mean to you? Other than partying the night before. For me, it’s new year, old me. Like, I go to bed on the 31st of December and wake up on the 1st of January. Apart from the single digit at the end of the date’s year, which hardly gets any attention, everything remains the same. Same clothes, same bed, same roof and same piles of work. TBH, I am yet to experience the miracle and Cinderella moment of the new year. Seriously, why the hype?

And then comes the second most annoying thing, other than “what are your new year plans?”: the New Year resolutions. No. I have pledged on a plate of momos that I WILL NEVER EVER SET A NEW YEAR RESOLUTION. Period. What’s the point, when you know that promises are meant to be broken and your sleep schedule will never be set right till the time Netflix exists?

Well, it seems Kareena agrees with me, as she posted an Instagram picture that speaks to all of us. Jitna bhi try karlo Bunny, New Year resolution toh tootega hi. 

We all can resonate with this post as it is every new year resolution we never completed. Didn’t we all promise ourselves yesterday and said, “This is the last Sunday I stay awake up till 3 am. Kal se I’ll wake up early and exercise. Can I watch just one more episode”? Healthy me, healthy new year went down the drain today as last week, er, last year ka hoarded snack pile bhi toh khatam karna hai.

Kareena asking us grab a croissant because our heart desires is EXACTLY what our heart desired to listen, or rather read. Yes Bebo, we agree. What is life if we don’t live it to the fullest? YOLO, y’all.

But on a serious note, it isn’t the new year resolutions that will help you achieve those goals, whatever they may be. It is only when the time to achieve those goals has long gone that you’ll remember the goals you made. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

While the French accent inside me is struggling to pronounce croissant as ‘kwa-son’, I am coveting that delicacy in Kareena’s hand. Ordering a  ‘kwa-son’ right away, as typing furiously at your keyboard makes you hungry, but my editor wanted this article urgently. BRB.