“In our town, we won’t call you a lover, if you escape the pain.”

– Rumi

Some fall in love, others fall in love with the idea of love. Not even the wisest human would wish to escape the feeling despite being well aware of the pain clinging to it. 

No lie— the strongest emotion in the world has the terrible power to make you the weakest. But here we are, with arms wide open to be stabbed in the heart with a silly grin on the face. We are all foolish in love, but did we ever want it any other way? 

The feeling of pain, helplessness, rage, despair, and fear that grows within us when love blossoms is precisely captured in this scene from Zindagi Gulzar Hai by the protagonist Kashaf. 

This took Twitter back to hot priest’s speech from Fleabag Season 2 and nothing seems to seize this inexplicable emotion better. 

Twitter has found yet another reason to fawn over Kashaf’s monologues and we love it when the beautiful sentiment is also comprehended so beautifully.  

Thanks Kashaf. Pain never felt more beautiful.