Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif are such a perfect pairing that it almost feels unreal. They are adorable, every moment featuring them on the internet or on a couch on Koffee with Karan or in basic interviews. 

Case in point, this particular interview, where the couple talks about life, career, stardom and oh, yes, Vicky Kaushal dancing to Teri Ore as part of a dancing exercise at an acting institute. 

Twitter user Shreemi Verma actually believes it’s like watching their first date and we couldn’t agree more!

And we aren’t the only ones who believe this from the bottom of our hearts. 

These guys literally discussed poems. To be specific, a Rudyard Kipling poem, If, while talking about the successes and failures and the experiences that have shaped their lives and their careers!

You can watch the whole interview here: 

They are so cute!!