Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal are two of the most loved Bollywood stars. Katrina has proved to be a bonafide star, on-screen and off-screen. 

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Kaushal has been winning accolades for his performance since his debut Masaan. And Sardar Udham is the latest, much-deserved, feather in his cap. 

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And in this old Tape a Cast interview by Film Companion, the two stars came together on-screen for the first time, and discussed their Bollywood journey. Here are the best moments from the interview: 

1. When Katrina Kaif talked about the advice she’d give Isabelle, her sister, who is also planning to be an actor in Bollywood. 

The best thing I can do for her as a sister is to allow her to discover her own voice. And allow her to discover who she is, rather than try to make her into a person who I think works for in this industry. Authenticity is always, what works.  

2. When Vicky Kaushal talked about how he manages to retain his ‘approachable’ image in the face of rising success. He also talked about how his mom is one of the people in his life who keeps him grounded. 

By not taking success to your head. Let that be a sinking feeling, rather than a feeling you get comfortable with… You really need to have people around you who know you for who you are. 

The two also discussed Rudyard Kipling’s poem, If, when discussing how success and failure shape them. And how, when they first started out, they were far more fearless because they had ‘nothing to lose’. 

3. When Katrina talked about whether it was the age of the actor, or the age of the star. 

I think it’s always been the age of the actor. I think there is no such thing as a generic star. I don’t believe it’s possible for any actor, in the public persona, to sustain for a very long period of time the public’s interest, unless they’ve been able to hold them by the craft they’re doing. Earlier it was just you and your movies. The audience didn’t see you on platforms, they saw you on Friday, in the cinema. If what you’re doing is holding them, then they’re connecting to something you’re saying. 

4. Vicky also asked Katrina about how she dealt with the shift from an aspiring actor ‘knocking doors’ to being a ‘superstar’. 

It was gradual. There are a lot of my colleagues from the industry, who came in around the same time, and they came with this one big, grand, launch film. And all the magazines said the ‘next big thing’. But for me, it wasn’t like that… but I do remember the first time I got a lot of praise and acknowledgment, it was for Namaste London. 

5. When Vicky shared how he danced to the song Teri Ore (starring Katrina), as part of a dancing exercise at an acting institute. 

6. When Vicky Kaushal talked about the ‘genre’ that really scares him and how he approached it.

Comedy was the genre that used to really scare me. Because comedy is that one ‘sur’, either you get it right or you’re completely off it. But horror, I think, is the trickiest genre to play. Which I didn’t know but I am learning as I am shooting. Because when you’re doing an emotional or dramatic scene, you know you’ve hit that honest note. Somewhere down the line. In comedy also I feel you know. But in horror, you always play acting and you’re always imagining. And then there is a team of VFX which is going to create what you gave that reaction to. You have to create your own world.

Vicky made his horror film debut with Bhoot Part One: The Haunted Ship. 

7. When Katrina talked about how plans and life not turning out the way she imagined, prepared her for more difficult, mature roles. 

8. When Vicky Kaushal shared what he learned from the artists around him.

You have to take into consideration that it’s not just you making this film. It’s a team of 200 people coming together and making this film. Also, I’ve worked with amazing actors (like) Ranbir, Alia, Sanjay Mishra ji, and they are so good with their lines. And that’s what I’ve realized – the magic that happens on set when you’re so prepared with your lines. 

You can watch the complete interview here: 

H/T: Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal | TapeCast Season 2 Episode 6 | Film Companion

All images are screenshots from the interview, unless specified otherwise.