Everyone who grew up in a desi household, has had exposure to two supposed ‘magic remedies’ – haldi and amla.

No matter what the disease (including corona for a second), the grown-ups vouched that one of these two could eliminate it. 


Now, we can’t really contest the fact that they are good for health but their endorsement as ‘remedies for everything’ might be a little over the top. It can often become tough to explain this to parents, though. They have more conviction on Amla than they have on me. 


But they are not the only ones, turns out even Kim Kardashian vouches for the same. She recently posted a photo of Amla detoxifying products on Instagram, thanking Dr. Kanodia, the maker of them.

These products included a moisturiser too.

Instagram/Kim Kardashian

A little research tells us that Kim has been a fan of these products for a long time, now, and Dr. Kanodia – who describes himself as ‘King of Closed Scarless Rhinoplasty’ – has even shared her reviews on his Instagram.

Interestingly, a lot of Hollywood celebs, including Sofia Vergara, swear by Amla and its benefits for skin and overall health.

Okay, I guess you win this, parents.