Koffee With Karan Season 7 Episode 12, featuring Gauri Khan, Maheep Kapoor, and Bhavna Pandey, is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, and it’s truly fabulous.

In the episode, we see the three women getting candid on their friendships, opinions, and personal lives. While we saw them giving us some friendship goals, we realized Maheep Kapoor is the real rockstar of the group with her wit, charisma, and the brutally honest self.

Maheep Kapoor Gauri Khan Bhavna Pandey KwK
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Here are the top Maheep Kapoor moments from Koffee With Karan that made us realize she’s just the coolest.

1. Maheep’s savage comeback.

Right after Maheep’s entry in the episode, Karan told Maheep that he had done him a great favour by inviting him to the KwK couch. But you know how no one can top Maheep with comebacks, so she gave an epic response.

Koffee With Karan Maheep Kapoor
Disney+ Hotstar

2. Maheep has always been a STAR.

KJo questioned Maheep and Bhavna about how they felt about their new-found celebrity status post the success of their show The Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives, to which the former had the best reply.

KwK Maheep Kapoor
Disney+ Hotstar

3. Maheep’s brutally honest take on people dissing her friendship with Gauri Khan.

KJo questioned Bhavna and Maheep on how the duo dealt with people demeaning their friendship and assuming they were close to Gauri because she’s Gauri Khan. Maheep acknowledged that it does happen, and she’s learned to turn a deaf ear to such unsolicited remarks. In the end, their true friendship conquers all.

Koffee With Karan Gauri Khan Maheep Kapoor
Disney+ Hotstar

4. Maheep is the coolest mom.

Moms are the best. They’ll have our backs and let us experiment even with the ‘not-so-righteous’ stuff.

KWK Maheep Shanya
Disney+ Hotstar

5. Maheep is ‘too free and funky.’

One of the best segments of the KwK episode was when BFF daughters revealed juicy secrets about their BFF moms. And when it came to Maheep, her daughter Shanaya had an honest confession to make.

Koffee With Karan Maheep Kapoor Shanaya Kapoor
Disney+ Hotstar

6. Maheep’s quirky rapid-fire answer.

Maheep had just the best marriage advice for newlyweds of Bollywood.

Koffee With Karan Maheep
Disney+ Hotstar

7. Maheep admitted that she’s a bit hyper.

Well, we all saw that on Netflix.

Kwk maheep kapoor
Disney+ Hotstar

8. Maheep thinks she and Hrithik Roshan would share great on-screen chemistry.

Umm, you never know!

Kwk Maheep Kapoor
Disney+ Hotstar

9. Maheep is Samantha from Sex and the City!

The moment KJo asked this question, Maheep immediately knew her answer. The woman knows she’s the sassiest one in the group, and she owns up like a real OG.

Koffee With Karan Maheep Kapoor
Disney+ Hotstar

10. That time when Maheep had to drink almost all of the hot shots for the wildest things.

Well, this segment was hilarious, and it just screamed of Maheep being the quirkiest, chirpiest, wildest, and coolest personality in the group.

You can love or even hate her, but you can definitely not forget her. That’s Maheep Kapoor for you! She has that special X-factor that one just can’t help but take note of her sassy presence. We loved her on the KwK couch. Who do you think will grace the Koffee episode next?

Koffee With Karan Maheep Kapoor Gauri Khan Bhavna Pandey
Disney+ Hotstar

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