Koffee With Karan Season 7 Episode 9 featuring Kriti Sanon and Tiger Shroff dropped at midnight, and safe to say the episode truly had a lot of Heropanti in it. Kriti and Tiger really rocked the Koffee couch with their witty charm and elegance. 

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One of the hilarious moments of the episode included Karan trying his best to poke Tiger into opening up about the mystery around his personal life, but Tiger remained imperturbable. While the actor didn’t outrightly confess the big stuff, he really gave off the vibe of a quintessential good boy who’s also naughty AF. 

Here are some of the peak Tiger Shroff moments from the Heropanti episode on KwK.

1. Tiger’s confession of zero game.

Right at the beginning of the episode, Karan asked the guests why they did not date, as it’s the “cardinal rule” for leading co-actors to begin dating after the release of their first movie. And Tiger gave an epic ‘here’s why I’m so single’ response.

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2. When Kriti revealed how Tiger was shy AF during Heropanti.

Adorable much?

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3. Apparently, Tiger has always been single! (Ahem, ahem!)

We all know how Karan can get celebrities off guard in KwK by dropping a sudden question about their personal lives. And so he stuck to this tradition when he directly asked Tiger about his relationship status in the episode. But the actor knew what he had to say!

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4. Tiger is the lover boy!

Ain’t this just super cute?

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5. Karan’s party was at 9 PM, so Tiger showed up on 9 PM!

Tiger proved that he doesn’t do much socializing when he showed up at KJo’s party on time in complete oblivion of the status quo of timings at B-Town parties. Besides, he stayed way too much for a party! (pun intended)

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6. The secret behind Tiger’s forever calm demeanour.

(Only if all of us also knew how to do that!) Karan revealed how heartbroken Tiger was about his box office failure when the actor confessed he’s an emotional eater. However, he knows how to channel his emotions and doesn’t easily reveal his vulnerabilities to the outside world.

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7. Tiger’s baby boomer moment.

This was just hilarious!

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8. When Tiger revealed he’s possessive and dominating.

The actor also said he wouldn’t appreciate his partner getting involved in a mildly flirtatious exchange because he won’t do that.

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9. Tiger drew a heart on sending nudes option in Koffee Bingo.

Umm, speechless!

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10. Tiger’s sexual fantasy.

Ahem, ahem! (too many sneezes in this episode)

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11. When Tiger confessed that he’d envy Ranveer Singh for his wife.

And not just Ranveer Singh, he’d envy Ranbir Kapoor for his wife as well.

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12. Tiger at his mean mode.

Besides giving hilarious answers in the gaming round, Tiger was also at his peak mean mood when he subtly told Kriti that she could have the point since he’s already winning. 

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Safe to say, Tiger really entertained us all in the KwK episode with his hilarious antics, witty personality, and charming self. The episode was a blockbuster just like the entire season has been.

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