Animal is a film, and like all films or any piece of art, people are going to have opinions. However, the common reaction to criticism in this case is nullifying other people’s work and abilities. The film’s director does that often – question artists’ credibility because they said they didn’t like the film. So, after Konkona Sen Sharma talked about Animal, we almost want to see how the creators will retaliate this time. At this point, the other end is so unserious that it’s almost funny.

In a recent interview with ANI, the actor-director was asked to share her take on the film. She said that she didn’t watch the film given that the director has previously stood by his idea of glorifying violence and abuse. Konkona added that depicting violence is something she understands, but it needs to be treated in a way where it isn’t normalized.

Konkona Sen Sharma

Talking about her work, she mentioned that viewing sex is somewhat similar. It should have good reason to be an element, and it needs to have a proper intent in films – much like violence. The actor added that even for violence to be existent in a film, it should be done well technically. So if the other side of the argument is to look at the film for its filmmaking, people have good reason to question it.


People on the internet can relate to what Konkona said. Some even think it’s gutsy of her to speak up about a film that’s so personal to so many people.

The society will always have contrasting opinions and choices, which is fine, even good, in fact. The only problem is when morals and ethics are posed as subjective factors. At times, we need to draw a line between the good and the bad things – because not ever argument is grey.