The Hallyu wave has made a global splash and now we are obsessed about everything Korean- from K-dramas, K-pop, K-beauty and K-cuisine to the Korean language. The 2020’s lockdown showed a visible hike in the popularity of Korean content. K-pop idols have captivated Indian fans, and we can clearly see the influence of Korean culture in our food and fashion choices. 

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While we are still perfecting our Annyeonghaseyo, this Korean YouTuber is killing it in Hindi. Lee Junhak, who goes by the name Korea ka Lala on Instagram and YouTube, speaks Hindi with such fluency that it would put us to shame.   

A resident of a town near Seoul, Lee claims that he has managed to visit most of the states in India. He has also documented the trips to India on his official Instagram page. 

When in India, do as the Indian do. Junhak takes it pretty seriously!

The young youtuber is majoring in Hindi and also teaches the language to fellow Koreans. Much like RM, BTS’ leader Kim Namjoon, who learnt English by watching Friends, Lee Junhak gained proficiency in Hindi by watching CID and Crime Patrol. Yes! You read that right.    

Check out the video of Junhak praising Anup Soni and CID. 

Besides Hindi, he is fluent in Bengali as well and has launched a new channel just a month ago.