Karan Johar is an enigmatic personality. The director/producer/actor/reality TV judge dons many hats and has millions of fans for every role of his! However, there are certain fans whose craze for our Bollywood celebs know no boundaries. And Karan Johar too has such a fan who is so obsessed with him that he can’t live a single day without tweeting about him.


Yes, we are talking about none other than Twitter’s wildest child, Kamal Rashid Khan, who can’t go a single day without mentioning KJo on Twitter. While KRK is usually busy trolling stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Parineeti Chopra, Sonakshi Sinha, Anurag Kashyap, Kapil Sharma and even Rajnikanth, KJo is someone who he takes out special time for.

Here are a few select examples of how KRK’s obsession is seriously turning into a disease:

1. KRK makes random announcements to ultimately marry Karan Johar.


2. But is too embarrassed when people actually want it to happen.

3. It’s KRK’s jealousy speaking when KJo socializes with other men.

4. KRK is so obsessed, he hallucinates that Karan is texting him.

5. And even thinks that Karan is plotting his exit from Bollywood.

6. Hurt and offended, KRK is ready to give up his passion, i.e. reviewing movies, only for KJo.

7. And still firmly believes, that it’s only KJo’s cinema which can better Bollywood.

8. KRK also dreams of KJo offering him… not Rs 2 but a handsome amount of Rs 25 lakhs.

9. However, KJo’s blatant confessions at the AIB Roast, left KRK sore… very sore.

10. But maintained that he’ll always love Karan for his honesty.

11. And Karan’s ass for being sexy.

12. KRK even asked Karan out for a date, in the most romantic manner ever.

But Karan never pays heed to KRK, ever. Why you so cold, KJo?