After a successful trial run in January, the Odd-Even scheme is coming back to Delhi and the state government plans to make this a success just like the first phase. But a few citizens pointed out some loopholes in the plan and CM Kejriwal was more than happy to ask for suggestions.

In the midst of all this, KRK decided to give his opinion on the issue, because KRK. Though the plan is just for people in Delhi, KRK, who lives in Dubai (or so he claims), challenged Kejriwal that he would leave Twitter if the Odd-Even plan is shelved. 

Both these scenarios are highly improbable. The Odd-Even scheme will happen. And frankly, what will KRK do all day if he quits Twitter.

As it happens with most KRK tweets, trolls pounced on him.

I am doubly excited for the Odd-Even plan to come back now!