The final episode of Koffee With Karan Season 7 left us in giggles, and we couldn’t have asked for a better wrap. On the couch, we saw some of our favourite creators, who manage to make us laugh on a daily basis. That said, there was also a fine touch of sass that comes with being on KWK – that’s just how it is.

Koffee With Karan
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But, in between the Koffee awards and all the truth bombs, the one moment that is etched in memory, at least for me, has to be Kusha and Danish doing impressions.

When Kusha was making her choice for the ‘Best Performance Female’, she pointed out how Kareena Kapoor Khan was nonchalant about most things. And just like that she started doing a Bebo impression, which was joined by Danish mimicking Aamir Khan.


While it was a spontaneous little performance, if you’ve watched the episode, you’d know that it was uncanny – how the two of them didn’t break character. Give Danish a beige kurta, and it’ll look like the Aamir-Kareena episode itself.


Kusha Kapila pulling off a Bebo with Danish’s “Oh, arrey” was probably the funniest moment of the season, other than Danish comparing the show with a butt crack, of course.

This bit felt a lot like a parody of the original episode.

Corporate wants you to find the difference between this picture:


And this picture:

The Office

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