Of course there was no Internet back then. The story of the movie is enthralling. But what if it unfolded over the Internet? What if the characters had access to Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms? That, no doubt, is an interesting thought. Let us try to materialise it and bring forth the story of Lagaan through the eyes of the Internet.

Year 1893, Champaner.

This is how the plot would have gone down online:

It began with some prayer for rain.

And some praying for love as well.

Well, one of those prayers was about to come true.

But as luck would have it, it didn’t.

Then the hero screwed up. And made a bet with the Brits over a cricket match in order to cancel the tax.

Yeah that did seem stupid, seeing how these guys did not even know the game.

But the villain was elated.

It however did not shake the hero’s confidence.

What’s a movie without a love triangle and some deceit?

And the villain facing some difficulties as well?

While the villagers overcame a few.

Add they motivated themselves to win the game.

Eliza’s crush was growing day by day.

And the big game was on the horizon.

The villagers tried finding inspiration from everywhere possible.

And motivated each other.

Some were a little rude about it but you get the gist.

The coin of fate was finally brought into the picture, and regular updates of the game followed.

There was a hard worked breakthrough for the villagers.

But the villain stepped up and brought his A-Game.

He was delighted but a part of his master plan fell through.

The next day, his pawn became the village’s knight in shining armour.

And with an unexpected ‘turn’, the once hated cripple started crippling the Brits.

The hero got part of his revenge.

And the English line up finally crumbled.

And then, everyone flooded their wishes to the home team.

Ram Singh, however, had to give up on his day job for his involvement.

Even the king was vying for his village team.

And the fight began…

A good partnership was broken.

And there were some cheap tactics involved.

But the villagers still prayed.

However, they seemed to go unanswered.

But suddenly there was some hope.

As the leader was playing a captain’s knock.

The Brits used disgraceful tactics yet again to get back into the game.

Some blamed themselves for what seemed like an inevitable loss.

But the home team kept on fighting.

Kept getting more motivation.

It had victory in sight.

The hero got wounded on the field of battle but he got back up.

Then tragedy struck and defeat seemed imminent.

But God decided to give them another chance.

Bhuvan was on strike. He closed his eyes and remembered everything that had gone down that led him to this moment. The fate of an entire village rested on his shoulders. He used those exact shoulders to whack the ball that came in.

With that shot came huge relief. And victory!

Russell was out of line, once again, and this time quite literally. As he caught the ball from behind the ropes, Bhuvan was awarded 6 runs and Champaner, the victory.

And celebrations were soon to follow.

The hero had his happily ever after.

And the villain had his. NOT!

The End.

But first, lemme take a picture!

And they lived happily ever after! Or for at least 3 years!

Okay, now… The End.