Recently, BCCI Ex-Vice president Lalit Modi posted pictures of himself with Sushmita Sen on Instagram, announcing their relationship. The news hit the internet like dynamite and currently has a lot of chatter around it. Especially because… no one really saw it coming!

His Instagram post suggests that the two have been travelling together and seeing each other for some time now. Previously, Sushmita Sen was in a relationship with model Rohman Shawl, but the two apparently parted ways last year in December. 

But here’s something else you might be interested in knowing about. Lalit Modi has been following incredibly interesting hashtags. 


Every hashtag you can think of under Sushmita Sen’s name AND ones that are about Lalit Modi’s dating/love life, he’s following them all!


Twitter user @ignoreandfly uploaded screengrabs of his hashtag follow list, letting us in on the secret. And boy oh boy, he’s done quite the detective’s work here. 

Oh and of course, there was bound to be a comment on this about the strangeness of the situation. 

*Wide eyed and mind is equal to blown.*