India is not just a country. It is an experience that has to be lived to understand. Here are a few positive things the world could learn from India, as well as a few negative things we should all try to get rid of.

1. How to pull off Unity in Diversity

We have 6 major religions, around 1600 languages and more than 28 states. And despite a lot of hiccups, we’ve all managed to stay together for 65 years.

2. The science of “Jugaad”

What we lack in resources, we make up for in sheer ingenuity and a knack for squeezing the most out of all the things we have at our disposal.

3. The joys of a joint family

Even though a lot of families in India have gone nuclear, we are still a country that believes in the power of the joint family. And in India, it’s not a joint family unless three generations are living together.

4. How NOT to treat women

We really suck at this. Our society is patriarchal at best and misogynistic at worst. Until we cannot ensure the happiness, health and safety of women, we will remain “third world.”

5. To be patient and tolerant

Indians are usually a patient and tolerant lot. We accept all religions and ways of life. But we also accept corruption and inefficiency. 14 hour power cuts and waiting for hours to get a bucket of water from a water tanker is frustrating as fuck.

6. How NOT to do urban planning

Our urban spaces are a complicated, inefficient mess. And it’s not like we don’t have well planned cities. Chandigarh is a good example of urban planning. But we need more Chandigarhs. Way more.

7. To give a big "F-You" to materialism

8. How to be incredibly street smart

India holds no prisoners. You have to be quick witted, aware and always on the lookout for the best way to get stuff done. And if anyone’s looking for a crash course in the fine art of bargaining, look no further.

9. How NOT to deal with garbage

If littering were an Olympic event, we’d probably bring home the gold, the silver and the bronze. A lack of civic sense is a big problem for us here. But the solution lies in our country too. All it takes is the will to change. Check out Mawlynnong , a tiny hamlet in Meghalaya which is often dubbed the cleanest village in the world.

10. How to treat guests

Although touts and cheats have given us quite a bad name, real Indian hospitality and warmth towards tourists and guests is legendary across the world.