Do you find yourselves scrolling through YouTube looking for good and relevant content? A Reddit user posted about feeling the same unable to find great Indian creators on YouTube. People responded to the question and have their suggestions.

While you must be knowing all the big YouTube channels that have a massive following, here’s a list of a few lesser-known YouTubers or channels that are gaining people’s attention.

1. Suman Dhamne’s YouTube channel – आपली आजी

Subscribers: 1.11M

Suman Dhamne is a 70-year-old woman from a village in Maharashtra who posts cooking videos of traditional Maharashtrian recipes.

2. Yahya Bootwala

Subscribers: 713K

Yahya rose to fame after his poetry video “Shayad Wo Pyaar Nahi” went viral. He posts poems on his YouTube channel.

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3. Azeem Banatwalla

Subscribers: 58.6K

You can follow him for comedy and football videos.

4. Vidit Gujrathi

Subscribers: 197K

Follow him for chess-related content.

5. Angad Ranyal

Subscibers: 28.8K

Follow his channel Baby Over for cricket quizzes and podcasts.

6. Ronnie & Barty

Subscribers: 256K

Follow this duo for travel and exploration videos in Himalayas.

7. Tushar Lall

Subscribers: 360K

Follow him for music.

8. Ethereal

Subscribers: 137K

The channel run by Ayush Dinker makes videos on larger and meaningful questions of life through its films and storytelling.

9. Bibin Sagaram

Subscribers: 3.4K

 This channel is all about miniatures and DIY projects which you can do at home.

10. Soch by Mohak Mangal

Subscribers: 645K

Follow this channel for extensive research on latest happenings.

11. Myna Street Food

Subscribers: 1.42M

Two siblings from an Andhra Pradesh village started this YouTube channel featuring their grandma, Savithramma’s home-style cooking using mud pots, fire wood etc.

12. SomeOrdinaryGamers

Subscribers: 2.78M

Follow this channel for all the tech and gaming stuff.

13. Jordindian

Subscribers: 2.46M

Follow the duo for their fun and comedy videos.

14. Prankster Rahul

Subscribers: 1.4M

Follow im for the best prank videos.

15. Dancer Sanatan

Subscribers: 1.04M

Sanatan Kumar Mahato and his sister Savitri Kumari are known for posting precisely coordinated videos of them dancing to Indian numbers on their channel.

16. Grandpa’s Kitchen

Subscribers: 9.22M

Follow this channel for cooking videos.

17. Village Cooking Channel

Subscribers: 11.8M

A group of villagers from Tamil Nadu who cook traditional food and other tasty recipes.

Did we miss out any? Let us know in the comments section below.