In light of recent events, many have taken to social media to discuss the media debacle being made out of actor Rhea Chakraborty. 


A recent Reddit thread, which has been a top post on the r/India thread, talks about what Indian women need to learn from how the actor is being treated. 


It begins with pointing out the basic patriarchy of the situation – taking examples and warnings from Indian mythology. Then it goes on to point fingers at the need for financial independence. Women must not depend on their husbands or boyfriends for finances, and keep their finances separate from that of their partner. 

The thread also speaks about the importance of acquiring assets like properties legally instead of putting them down in the name of just your partner. 

The thread concludes by saying, “If you want to live with dignity on your own terms, you have to fight.” The thread is making rounds on Twitter as people find themselves relating to the lessons it preaches. 

You can read the complete thread here