Student of The Year jaisi Bollywood movies ke trailers dekh kar lagta hai ki shayad hamaari school life toh bahut tatti thi. But what if this is the real deal and hamaara chutiya kataa hai puri zindagi?

Also, side note: Absence of padhai leads to ladayi. 

Bollywood Life

And if the OG SOTY wasn’t enough to make us feel this sentiment, the trailer for SOTY 2 just dropped and let’s just say, I’m cursing every day of my school life now. Matlab, jahaan yeh log naach rahe hain wahaan hum subah assembly mein PT karte the.


Karan Johar, the godfather for all the star kids has sworn to set such unrealistic goals for a school life that my 25-year-old heart is crying. Everything in the trailer is EXTRA. The only thing extra during my school life was nariyal ka tel in my hair to hold my braids together.


Nahi samjhe? Khud dekh lo!

Is it a castle? Is it a fort? Oh, it’s a school.

Ghar se chamach laana padta tha.

Love triangle? LOL, the only triangle I knew in school was in geometry.


Frooty milti thi refreshment mein.

The skirt had to be two inches below the knees!

LMAO I can’t even process this.

Gilli-gilli appa? WTF? We were more like ‘hum honge kamyaab’. Clearly, not!