Journalist Faye D’Souza stepped out of her comfort zone and performed a comic set on Prime Video’s One Mic Stand so naturally like it’s breathing. 

Days after her set won our hearts, this little influencer re-enacted Faye’s set from the show and it’s so damn cute. This tiny influencer by the username of g.three.n has perfectly lip synced every word, with on point expressions. 

“I’m not an Instagram journalist, I’m a journalist who happens to be on Instagram!” Faye’s satirical tone of taking a dig on the social media users was perfectly captured by this little influencer. 

Not Faye inspiring thousands already and now making tiny tots a part of the list too!

The Instagram post was captioned the following:

What a Woman @fayedsouza 🔥🔥 Wish our daughters grow up to be just like you F E A R L E S S ! Here’s your little fan trying to fit in your shoes, acing stand up comedy like no other! Hope you like your little fan Ma’am!

What really caught our eyes is that she has pulled off her look with almost similar outfit that Faye donned for the show. 10/10 for the efforts. 

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Atul Khatri and Faye D’Souza also took it to their Instagram stories appreciating this adorable attempt! 

Made my day.

You can watch the entire video here;