While y'all were frantically searching for the best-dressed celebs at the AMA 2019, my eyes got hooked to the best accessory of all time - Lizzo's tiny bag.

lizzo tiny bag at the AMA 2019
Source: graziame.com

Yes, it can definitely carry all the money I own and the amount of f**ks I give.

lizzo tiny bag at the ama 2019
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Don't know about you but for me, Lizzo totally owned the red carpet with that teeny-tiny barbie purse. And mind you, this little bag isn't any random accessory, it's a Valentino bag.

And Here's what Lizzo told the media about her favourite bag:

It's a Valentino bag. It's custom - there's only three in the world. I got tampons in here, a flask of tequila, some condoms.
lizzo tiny bag at the nma
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Apparently, her bag also has a Twitter account of its own. (with more followers than many of us)

lizzo's tiny bag twitter account
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Guess her bag completely stole the limelight at the AMAs and Twitterati can't agree more:

And how could we not make memes on THIS?

So, what do you think about her tiny bag? Let us know in the comments.