Bob-cuts, Pixie cuts, razor cuts may come and go, but the evergreen elegance of long lustrous tresses never fails to capture hearts!

Indians have always had a fascination for long hair.  Although we like to keep up with the latest fashion trends, many a time we cringe at the very thought of getting our hair trimmed. And so, we forgo the impulse to experiment and just stick to the old simple formula of long hair. Because, you just can’t go wrong with long hair. Or can you? Let’s find out.If you wear you hair long, you have definitely dealt with these little things:

1. You never step out without a rubber band around your wrist.

2. When you meet someone for the first time, they want to know the secret behind your lustrous, long hair.

3. In summers, keeping your hair open or not is a life and death situation.

4. But hey, they double as a scarf in winters and keep your neck warm!

5. If you sleep with your hair open, you look like a poodle with dreadlocks, the next morning.

6. You always buy the biggest sized shampoo and conditioners bottles. One pack of hair colour often falls short.

7. Washing hair is a time-consuming effort. You wake up early when you have to wash your hair.

8. Drying your hair leaves you with sore arms.

9. You don’t just dip your fries in the ketchup on the plate, your hair take a dip in it too!

10. And for the same reason, open flames terrify you.

11. Your friends and admirers have always sung Uddein Jab Jab Zulfien Teri for you.


12. You recreate Bollywood scenes with ease when it’s windy.

13. Your hair becomes rebellious during auto rides, bike rides and every time you roll the car window down to feel the wind in your hair.

14. Whenever you’re bored, you start looking for split ends.

15. Your hair keep getting stuck in the straps of your back pack, zipper tops and accessories.

16. You can  pull off any look, from a Plain Jane to Diva, easily.

17. No kiss is complete without your hair in your boyfriend’s mouth.

18. Everyone wants to touch your hair, brush them and braid them.

19. People know the hair strands on the floor are yours. Because, length.

20. And finally, no matter how long they already are, you always want them a little longer.

Hey! My hair grew 0.0004811 mm while I was reading this. Yay!