Love(n): Something that turns your life upside down.

Love(v): To change the way you see the world.

They say love changes everything. Truth is, love changes you. It makes you see the world in a new light. Your mother is not just your mother, she is your crush’s future mother-in-law. Your college is not just your college, it is the sacred ground where you met him. The shampoo that you use is not just a thing your mother forces you to use, you want her to like the way your hair smells.

Things change. Established. How you ask? Read on.

1. Music

Before: “What the fuck are you listening to? Metallica FTW!”

After: My heart will go on… *tears*

2. Rain

Before: “Stupid Monsoons. Stupid puddles. Stupid mosquitoes.”

After: “It’s raining! “

3. Dress code

Before: “Garmi dekhi hai! Where are my pajamas?”

After: “Pajamas?! OMG! I won’t be caught dead in those!”

4. Facebook Chat

Before: “STOP PINGING ME YOU IDIOT! Even being invisible doesn’t work.”

After: “Message me. Message me. Message me.”

5. Facebook

Before: “I wonder why I have a profile on this stupid site.”

After: “Wow. Thank you Zuckerburg! It’s because of you that I know she likes Milky Bar more than Dairy Milk!”

6. Phone

Before: “Stop ringing you jerk! I don’t want to stay in touch with anyone. SHUT UP!”

After: “If I didn’t have you, I won’t have been able to talk to him. I love you.”

7. Makeup

Before: “OMG, her face is caked in paint!”

After: “Sajna hai mujhe, sajna ke liye.”

8. Chess

Before: “The Queen kills the Queen. The Queen kills the pawns. The Queen moves two steps forward and check mate. Abey itna dimaag kaun lagata hai!”

After: “So I’m the Queen, how do I get to the King? Maybe I can approach his friend who is the Knight in this case… “

9. Fitness

Before: “Eat what you want to, silly! The one who loves you, will love you anyway!”

After: “No oily food, mumma! I can’t afford to gain a gram.”

10. Aunty: Your Crush’s Mother

Before: Namaste Aunty. *runs away*

After: “Arre Aunty, aap mere seat par baithiye. Aur aapke bags mujhe de dijiye.”

11. Soap

Before: “HA! You use face wash? Saala ladki!”

After: “Bhaiyya, Dove ka koi face wash nahi aata hai kya?”

12. Flames

Before: “Let’s burn this place down yo!”

After: “Yaar, iske naam mein chaar A hote na, toh Flames ka result ‘marriage’ hota!”

Love surely turns your life around and makes you do silly things. But despite all that,

Don’t you want somebody to love? Don’t you need somebody to love? Won’t you love somebody to love? You better find somebody to love.