The box office performance of a film is by far the most crucial factor in determining its success.

While a select handful manage to amaze audiences with compelling stories but some perform miserably bad. Here is a list from low to the lowest grossing movies of all time. 

1. The Dark Hours (2005)

This film revolves around Samantha Goodman (Kate Greenhouse), a brain cancer-stricken doctor, embarks on a weekend trip with her sister Melody (Iris Graham) and husband David (Gordon Currie). The Dark Hours only managed a total gross of $423. 


2. 2:22 (2017)

After a dazzling flash of light paralyses air traffic controller Dylan Branson for a few seconds, two planes come dangerously close to colliding and later are the consequences. In the case of 2:22, $422 was collected by the film. 


3. State Park (1988)

In a state park used for pesticide dumping, three coeds (Kim Myers, Isabelle Mejias, and James Wilder) find boyfriends. State Park, you might know it by the name Heavy Metal Summer, this sex comedy led to the meagre $421 gross. 


4. The Magician (2005)

Scott Ryan, an Australian hit man, hires a film student to document his life. When all of the weekends were added together, the film’s total gross was a considerably less-than-magical $406.


5. Skinless (2014)

In his prime, a brilliant medical researcher is diagnosed with cancer. Dr. Pete Peele devises an unique but potentially curative treatment for his condition, but time is running short and later are the consequences. With weekdays included, the overall box office haul was an even $400.


6. Cinemanovels (2013) 

When the estranged daughter (Lauren Lee Smith) of a recently dead filmmaker volunteers to produce a retrospective of his work, she acquires a new understanding of her father. Cinemanovels, this Canadian drama grossed close about $398. 


7. Hannah: Buddhism’s Untold Journey (2014)

Hannah Nydahl, a Buddhist pioneer who brought Tibetan Buddhism to the West, is featured in this film. This documentary made a final gross of $396. 


8. Apartment 143 (2012)

The film revolves around a group of parapsychologists that investigates an unusual occurrence in an apartment building. Apartment 143’s reported end gross was $383.


9. The Marsh (2007)

A young, attractive, but stressed-out children’s writer seeks a vacation, but instead finds herself in the centre of a strange mystery that she must solve to save her life. The Marsh reportedly only made $336 during its brief run. 


10. The Chambermaid (2015)

A Parisian chambermaid (Léa Seydoux) relocates to a secluded home in Provence, participates in trysts, and falls in love with a coach driver (Vincent Lindon). This German drama didn’t generate more than $315 in revenue.


11. News From Planet Mars (2016)

Philippe Mars (François Damiens) is a pleasant 40-something whose life is turned upside down when he meets a crazy college buddy looking for love. News From Planet Mars accounts for its low $310 gross.


12. Trojan War (1997)

Brad has met the girl of his dreams, but just as his fantasies are about to come true, he runs out of condoms, getting him into a lot of troubles. The film only made $309 in its first week of release, following which it was pulled from theatres.


13. Lou! Journal Infime (2015)

Lou, a 12-year-old girl who is imaginative and dreamy, lives alone with her mother in an “orange building with lots of tiny balconies that go to the roof.” Lou! Journal Infime is French for “Lou! Small journal.” It ran for a week before closing with a small $287 profit.


14. Intervention (2007)

In this film, members of an eclectic group assemble at a clinic to conquer addiction in this film. Intervention collected a meagre $279. 


15. Playback (2012)

Through video playback, a group of students investigate their town’s past and accidentally unleash a horror that possesses its victims. During its one-week run at a single theatre, it only made $264.


16. Satanic (2016)

Four friends spend two days in Los Angeles, visiting locations and buildings associated with occult human sacrifices in the 1980s and 1990s. This film made a grand total of $252. 


17. Pretty Village, Pretty Flame (1996) 

Two childhood friends become rivals during the Bosnian war, as the horrific conditions of the war pit them against one other and show the most brutal aspects of human nature. This film slipped in and out of cinemas with just $211. 


18. Mummy, I’m a Zombie (2014)

Dixie tries to balance her newfound popularity at school with her efforts to stop the conflict between the living and the dead. This Spanish-language animated film only grossed about $120. 


19. The Objective (1999)

A expedition into the Middle Eastern Bermuda Triangle is led by a CIA operative. The crew must deal with the terrible repercussions of disobeying their local guide’s warnings that they were trespassing on sacred land. This film garnered a grand total of just $95. 


20. Dog Eat Dog (2008) 

After murdering their boss’s godson and taking his money, two mafia lackeys (Marlon Moreno and Oscar Borda) escape. This Colombian crime drama made a grand total of $80 only. 


21. Paranoid Girls (2015)

The three friends stumble into the world of fashion by accident, thinking it will be a quick way to gain money, but they are immediately enthralled by what they find. This Spanish Comedy generated a total of $78 only. 


22. Confession of a Child of the Century (2012)

When Octave (Pete Doherty) discovers his mistress has been unfaithful, he is heartbroken, but when he falls for a widow, he wonders if he can trust her. Confession of a Century Child slipped out of cinemas with only $74 in its pocket.


23. Storage 24 (2012)

When a cargo plane carrying a potentially dangerous life form crashes, London is put under lockdown. A group of individuals is stuck in a storage facility, unaware of the chaos around the city. This British horror film generated only $72. 


24. Zyzzyx Road (2006)

An affair between an accountant in an unhappy marriage and a seductive Las Vegas beauty leads to a dangerous situation for both of them. Zyzzyx Road, a 2006 thriller, is the lowest-grossing film in history. It only earned a mere $30. 


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