Made In Heaven S2 is here, and it’s hard not to talk about it. The first season explored complex themes, and it made the show special because it talked about things and issues that we hardly address. But, in between all of that, we were left with a chemistry that felt like a warm hug on blue days. The good part is, that it wasn’t about romance at all, it was a friendship – of Tara and Karan. And now, more than anything, we were waiting to see how season 2 would explore that dynamic, I know, I was.

Made In Heaven Season 2

The first season left us with Tara and Karan at their lowest low. Tara had separated from Adil, and Karan was made to deal with society’s inabilities. But they had each other – and there’s no better way to show a platonic chemistry than that. Now, in season 2, we see them as roommates and that makes the entire season already worth watching. Minutes into the first episode, we see them getting into their house and their first conversation there is, about Tara’s potential love interest. I mean, if that doesn’t scream “Besties…”

Tara & Karan

The good part about them living together is how easy and comfortable it LOOKS. And it’s nothing in the face, they don’t sell us that it’s comfortable, we KNOW it is. This season also gives us enough moments of them spending enough time with each other to know what’s wrong with the other person. It’s like – they were there for each other in the first season, but there was a fine line that existed. And a lot of it was about personal relationships, problems, complexities and having to juggle with responsibilities. But now that they have to spend more time together, under the same roof, it’s a friendship that’s realistic.

Arjun Mathur

They’re business partners, but they are more than that. They see each other’s flaws closely, they sense when something is not right with the other person, and they choose this relationship, despite that. For instance, there’s a scene where Karan is late, and Tara hadn’t slept. And without even knowing, she blatantly asks him what he was upto. Karan confronts her on staying up late, because he knew she was dealing with something – he just didn’t know what.

So, there are small talks, deeper conversations, and just random, relatable moments. Basically, literally everything we wanted. Not that there should be a comparison, but Joey and Chandler have nothing on them.

Sobhita Dhulipala

Their relationship also sees a fair share of lows in this season, some of which even affects their living situation. So, Tara and Karan could be fighting, but they still stayed together, because they had to (realistically). The better part is, that we get some sweet and simple scenes. This is explored in moments of truth – of peace – and of warmth, a lot of it. Like this time when they have been through a lot, personally and with each other. And they talk about what they had been feeling, out loud. The thing is, that they’re a space for each other, that’s honest – even if it gets ugly.

Made In Heaven

We already don’t get enough platonic relationships between men and women – and to see them as roommates is the content we had been manifesting. Made In Heaven is a lot of things, and one of the main ones is Tara and Karan, together, as partners and friends.

Made In Heaven

There could be so many moments from the show for us to go, “I want what they have.” But, let’s just face it, we all want what these two have.

All images are screenshots from the show on Amazon Prime Video.