At this point it seems that we’ve manifested the second season of Made In Heaven, because that’s how much we willed for its existence. The show set a bar for various reasons, and its portrayal of complex relationships is probably one of the finest. One example is the story of Karan and Nawab – we see very little of it, but we ship them together, still.

Karan & Nawab

The depiction of gay characters and queer relationships is often done with no nuance at all; but Made In Heaven treated this with sensitivity which is worth acknowledging. Most Bollywood films and shows make a mockery out of characters from the LGBTQIA+ community. When they do try to do things right, there are hardly any layers involved. So Karan and Nawab were a refreshing change.

Made In Heaven Season 2

Also, both Vikrant Massey and Arjun Mathur are versatile actors who did justice to these characters. This meant individually and for their relationship – which brings us to our next point – that we need more of Nawab. There’s so much that happened with the two and specifically Nawab in the last season, that exploring it makes a lot of sense. This is also partly biased because we want to see more of Vikrant Massey.

Vikrant Massey as Nawab

Finally, Nawab deserves a storyline as well. With whatever little screen time that the character got (both as a teenager and an adult), there was a lot that clearly happened. It’s also important to discuss sensitive topics like bullying because that’s the right thing to do, specifically for this specific story. Nawab grew around people who bullied him because of his sexuality, and then we see him as an adult who cares for Karan. So, he clearly deserves a plot that explores everything that happened in between.

Karan & Nawab

The internet agrees, and we’re all just waiting for Nawab in MIH Season 2.

Basically, we are looking forward to Made In Heaven 2, but we’re also hoping to see more of Nawab. On a side note, looking forward is an understatement.

All images are screenshots from the show on Amazon Prime Video.