Sabyasachi ads have recently garnered much attention on Twitter with people roasting them for their ‘sad’ looking models. Recently, another tweet by Mohan Sinha went viral after he commented on one of Sabyasachi’s ads in the newspaper.

“Imagine seeing this face when you pick up your newspaper first thing in the morning…,” wrote the Twitter user. Although what he meant by the statement wasn’t clarified in the tweet, people had their own interpretation.

His comment on the model didn’t sit well with people. While some thought he was commenting on the complexion, others mentioned how this person wanted the model to look a certain way which caters to his preferences.

Models, be it Sabyasachi or any other high-end brand, have a neutral expression so that the focus is on the product instead of them, and many Twitteratis tried to explain this concept.

This tweet has gone viral with over 1 million views. What do you think about this?