Actor Chadwick Boseman’s portrayal of historic and fictional characters both have left a mark on all of pop culture for years to come. But nothing comes close to the events that transpired when he took on the mantle of the Black Panther for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  


Earlier today Marvel Entertainment released a video of backstage footage and his Avengers co-stars talking about Boseman and his impact on all of us. 

Black Panther director Ryan Coogler talks just how similar T’challa and Chadwick Boseman were. 

Lupita Nyong’o, who played Nakia in the film, spoke also spoke about the actor and said that Boseman wore the crown with dignity. 

Killmonger himself, (Michael B Jordan), who has been long time friend of Boseman thought he was just incredible being true to the character of the noble Wakandan king. 

Of course, his Avengers co-stars Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. were full of praise for his steely presence on screen and the cultural impact he brought to the society. 

In the end we got to hear the king himself talking about how he felt making a movie and playing a character that would resonate with so many people, especially children around the world. 

You can watch the full video here, which has tributes from many of his other colleagues on both Black Panther and The Avengers films. 

Boseman passed away on the 28th of August after bravely fighting colon cancer for 4 long years.