So, life is divided into phases, you know, adolescence, our 20s, our 30s and so on. And as much as we think it’s gonna get better, so far as a woman in her 20s, I feel like that doesn’t happen. Fingers crossed, though. I have no gyaan to give for women who are in their 30s, or are looking forward to the time. But, it seems like season 2 of Masaba Masaba has put quite the focus on it. 


The plot now focuses on Masaba and her friend, Gia juggling life through their ‘thirsty 30s‘. And watching them do it, looked like a blend of scary and easy, which is weird, yet comforting. Am I making sense? Ugh, all I’m trying to say is – they’re just two women figuring things, as they go. 


Anyway, it’s not my gyaan, but it’s good gyaan: 

1. It’s important to give yourself time.

Masaba feels the need to focus on her career, and for her, that means putting other things on hold.  Maybe, just maybe, it’s about making realistic choices, for prioritizing what feels right. 

2. After all the experiences, the gut knows it. 

This was such a pure moment in the show, albeit a low-key attack. Masaba tells her employee-cum-friend that if she thinks that a certain guy is not ‘the one’, it’s the gut telling her. And, it’s okay to trust that feeling. 

3. Parties and socializing feels like an ehsaan

Gia, on her 30th birthday, ditches her party to stay at home and binge on cake in bed. They talk about how pleasing people or making small talk is too much of an effort. While this proves that I’ve always been in my 30s, it probably does get exhausting.

4. “Alone” doesn’t feel like a scary thing. 

After meeting enough people, who come and go with attachments, Masaba realises that it’s okay if they leave. She not only acknowledged her fear but also let go of it. It was quite comforting knowing that growing up isn’t the saddest thing, after all.

5. Juggling is messy. 

Through the season, Masaba tries to figure what she wants. But, that comes with disappointments every now and then. It takes time to get familiar with the right balance, but realization of the ‘mess’ is key.

6. The classic ‘dard‘ and what not.

Okay, this wasn’t the most comforting part (at all). Or as Gia put it – not the right way to cheer someone up on their birthday. But, important information, the back pain is gonna get worse, definitely not better. 

7. You’d have come across enough men to spot a fuckboy. 

Masaba, like the ‘king’ she is, tells a guy to shut his performance. Oh, and she does it whilst literally pronouncing the definition of a fuckboy. Hopefully, all the shitty experience makes us wiser. 

8. Parents would never stop finding ‘the ladka‘.

When Masaba tells her mother about wanting to press pause on relationships, Neena Gupta (of course) spots a rishta in the same minute. So, if you think that the matchmaking will stop, it won’t. Clearly. 

9. But, you know that ‘wanting it all’ is not an unrealistic idea. 

I told you, they’ve got good gyaan. When her assistant tells Masaba about people expecting her to give up on work after getting married, she says exactly what all women want to hear. We shouldn’t be pestered to choose between things that people normally want from life. 

10. The good part is – we’ll be comfortable enough to stop being bothered by opinions that don’t matter. 

Looking forward to that. 

I’m sorry for the reality check. You’re welcome for the guide.