“MDH Masale Sach Sach!” 

There. I bet you all just sang “M-D-H! MDH!” out loud. Because among the many things that were sweet and hilarious about our childhood, MDH Masale ads topped the list. 

And we loved the old man who seemed immortal, jagat Chacha and founder of Mahashian Di Hatti (MDH) Limited company, Mahashay Chunni Lal Gulati.

But guess what? Apart from very honest spices, he is now doling out laughter doses as well. 

Well, not so much him but an 18-year-old Mathematics Honours (DU) student Anshuman Tyagi and his friends, who have started a Facebook page which posts memes of MDH Chacha’s adventurous (and fictional) tales!

“I wanted to come up with new kinds of memes. And while I was thinking, the MDH Masale ad came up on TV, and I was like ‘Wait a minute'” Anshuman told ScoopWhoop. “I mean Chachaji also deserves to be talked about, no?” 

Here are some gems from his collection. 

1. Did you know Chachaji met the Night King?

 When i was on my way back to Winterfell, i met my old friend called the Night king. He hugged me and discussed about the upcoming great war with me. He told me “Chacha ji. Wall to tod di maine, bas ab Dany dila do”. I asked him to gift my MDH bend-the-knee masala to Dany and she’d be his queen then.

2. He is the reason these guys got together. Thank you, Chachaji

 I don’t know what was wrong with Ron, he’s such a pain in the ass. He was not able to cast any spell properly. Then this girl Hermione said to me “Chacha ji! Teach this stupid Weasley kid.”

3. Now we know! Now we know!

Pay attention kids. Remember Power puff girls? That chemical X? Now time has come to tell you all that it was my special MDH jal jeera masala which was accidentally added in the mixture. And that’s what gave you those amazing girls who are saving the world.

4. You think it was just Kangana being spicy on her own?

Hey Kids. Did you watch my granddaughter like Kangana’s interview with Rajat Sharma?

5. Umm. That escalated quickly. 

 I was in Delhi some years ago, when this guy wearing a muffler and holding a cough syrup in his hand came running towards me and said “Chacha ji. We want to make our own party, help us”. My heart melted when i looked at him. I decided to give him my MDH Political Masala but by mistake I gave him MDH Modi-ji-ka-haath Masala. And now you all have the results. SORRY for the inconvenience kids.

6. Tu meri gall sun!

 I remember how tensed this day was when Bhuvan challenged those Britishers for a cricket match. Bhuvan acted like an ass though. But I supported him as he had promised to set me up with Gauri. Then I cooked MDH Inquilab masala for all the team members, which everyone believed was the reason behind the victory of our team.

7. #ShyIsComing

 A beautiful moment for me and son Jack. Rose had asked me to make a full body sketch of her holding MDH masala pack. But then she undressed herself and i felt much shyness. So i let Jack draw. But Rose felt insecure with Jack so she said to me

8. Did you miss this scene or what? I didn’t.

 I was traveling in a train when Doctor Octopus attacked and people started shouting. Spiderman was also there. His legs were shivering because of fear. I calmed him down and gave him MDH Shakti Masala. Then he gained his senses back and saved everyone.

9. Oh Leo! 

 *On the sets of Titanic movie*

10. You go, Chachaji!

 Don’t worry kids, I didn’t give him any MDH masala. Just whispered in his ear “Saalon aukaat me raha karo tum.” He started panicking at this but I asked him to smile in front of the public. Hahahaha. His face was so funny. Then he touched my feet and left.

11. Aapke muhh mein Parle-G, Chachaji!

 Hey Kids.

12. #MadeInIndia max!

 These Americans know nothing. I met this couple which was fighting over some food selection. This girl was pregnant and was crying as she wanted to eat something different and spicy but her husband was stopping her from doing so. Then she said to me “Chacha ji! Aap hi kuch kariye ab.” and i gave her MDH Chunky Chat Masala. The very next moment she felt that the baby inside had started kicking.

13. We can’t wait for that Big Boss!

 I scolded Salman for driving after getting drunk. I didn’t give him any Masala either. Then he said “Ek baar main commitment kar dun, to uske baad bas Chacha Ji ki sunta hun.” which made me smile. I have asked him to call me for BIG BOSS season this year.

14. Sankatmochan Chachaji, FTW!

Met this girl who told me about a haunted doll named Annabelle. She gave me the holy cross and said to me “Chacha ji! Save me!”. I sprinkled MDH Hanuman masala all over the doll and helped her to get rid of it.

15. Yo Chachaji so cool!

 This kid Eminem was so shocked when I sang the supersonic part of his song ‘Rap God’ faster than him. He couldn’t believe what was happening. He asked me later “Chacha ji. Vo aapne kaise kiya?”.

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