Admit it – every time you hold a baby or a puppy in your hands, all you really want to do is hold it up in the air and unleash your inner Lion King. The iconic scene where Rafiki holds tiny Simba over Pride Rock is part of our generation’s childhood, and so is trying and failing to sing the music to that bit. 


It’s a fact that none of us knew the words or the meaning behind those lyrics. After over 20 years however, a saviour has come along who can finally allay our doubts. Twitter user Wayna Who? was totally done with people singing nonsense, so she tweeted a clarification.

Holy lion shit! After 20 freakin’ years, we finally know the words, and we even get an explanation. I don’t know why none of us actually looked up what it meant earlier. But here, listen to it and try to get it right. Then we can all sing it together! The words are ‘nants ingonayama, bagithi Baba‘ and it means ‘here comes a lion, father’.

Thank you Wayna Who, you taught us something we didn’t know we needed! Bless you and I’m sure Mufasa is watching over you (or at least Elton John is).