Recently, the ongoing farmers’ protest received far more widespread attention on Twitter, when international celebrities, like Rihanna, Amanda Cerny, Mia Khalifa, etc. started talking about it on social media. 

While these celebrities hail from diverse backgrounds, what unites them is an interest in humanity… and the fact that an Indian group, the United Hindu Front, decided to hold a demonstration and burn effigies of three of them, namely Mia Khalifa, Rihanna, and Greta Thunberg. 

However, what the demonstration actually got famous for was one particular sign that read, Mia Khalifa “regains consciousness” – a placard that was clearly lost in translation. 

But that placard attracted everyone’s attention, including Mia herself. Now, of course, Mia, like most other female celebrities, had a kickass response to the trolling. 

And the internet, like always, wasted no time in commenting on the whole affair. 

Honestly, aur kaha milega itna content?