When a woman turns 30, she’s expected to figure out her entire life. In fact, there are several things that people ‘imagine’ after a woman hit a certain age. In a thread, people reveal some common inaccurate perceptions about women who are over 30.

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1. “That women over 30 are just waiting for a chance to be some college kids’ cougar fling.” –cyanocobalamin

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2. “That we’re supposed to completely “have our shit together” – marriage, kids and success. Not everyone measures success the same way, and there is no default age where you have to have achieved it.” –Sledgehammers

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3. “That somehow we are invisible once we hit 30 or that we age badly.” –RobotPartsCorp

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4. “That if we don’t have children at this point in life, we are a) ticking biological clocks with baby fever or b) immature irresponsible women who refuse to grow up.” –Anonymous

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5. “That we miss being in our 20s. I love my 30s!” –fruitjerky

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6. “That we are unfuckable. Sex after 30 is high quality and quite prolific.” –searedscallops

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7. “That we lose our sense of fun and adventure.” –Lordica

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9. “People tend to think that life ends after 30. Eff that! I think my 30s are going to be awesome as will be the rest of my life! Why? I’m alive, that’s why.” –RevlisNDlog

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10. “That if we do have children, that’s all we care about.” –Anonymous

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11. “That if we go on a date, I am like ‘WAIT, SERIOUSLY WILL YOU MARRY ME?’ after five minutes.” –claireybobeary

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12. “Hollywood portrays women as undesirable as they age. I’ve been with women from 18 to 57, and I promise that 30+ is far better in bed; more experienced, more confident, more grateful, more enthusiastic, and less shy.” –gobigred3562

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