“I’ve had five divorces. Do you know what five divorces are? Five times I believed in love.” This was the first time in Season 1 when Berlin struck a chord in my heart, intriguing me to dig deep into his love episodes. From there to here, we’ve progressed to the climax of the greatest heist drama to date.

Hours of binge-watching Money Heist Season 5 finale on Netflix gave us a thrill of adrenaline as well as dark bags under our eyes, of course. Our favourite robbers offered us five last episodes of twists and turns, and the grandest finale of all time.

We can’t conceal how, every passing second, all that we’ve been wanting was a glimpse into Berlin’s love life with Tatiana, something that has been cooking up in bits since the start of the show. While the first half of Season 5 told us how Berlin and Tatiana’s love blossomed, the second half showed us their downfall.  

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And amidst all this, the famed divorce scene between Berlin and Tatiana at the dinner hit all the right chords of every average Desi, like you and me.

In a flashback scene, the show’s most charmingly vicious person was apparently going through a heartbreak. And we witnessed how love and separation can bring even the strongest people down.

It begins with the couple at a dinner date, when Tatiana throws the four most dreadful words at him “We need to talk.” Berlin, like any Desi, was already shook and anticipated what was coming next. 

Even though he knew Tatiana had already made up her mind, he couldn’t just let her go without trying. He began speculating on the reasons for her breakup with him and gave justification on how he’s the best person to be in love with. Oh Berlin. 

Tatiana started talking about how their relationship had lost its charm. How their grand theft plans reduced to city hopping. His dreams, like his heart, were crushed as he listened to her. This is what the face of disappointment in oneself looks like. 

Although blood rose in his eyes, he let his anger bleed out in a very subtle manner. Something we all could relate to. 

What followed next was the biggest pati patni aur woh question. Ever seen a heartbroken individual not blaming someone else for the breakup? My Desi heart jumped up when Berlin actually asked this. 

Although Berlin is known for his reserved demeanour, when Tatiana didn’t respond to his question, he chased her one last time to find out who the other guy was. Been there, done that?

And when he realised that Tatiana cheated on him with his own son, we couldn’t help but think of “kyu kisi ko wafa ke badle wafa nahi milti” in the background.

Berlin ain’t the one who’d go into hibernation after a heartbreak. He confronted his son and schooled him on elegance. But, when his son Rafael boldly stood up for his love in front his father, Berlin didn’t question him further and bid farewell to both, Tatiana and Rafael. 

Just after they left, Berlin was charged for vandalism in the cocktail bar, later jailed, all because of a broken heart. He couldn’t care less about the consequences, when his heart had just been crushed.

Same Twitter, same. 

This was the most cinematic heartbreak we have ever witnessed on television. We’re betting that Arijit Singh’s songs helped Berlin heal his wounded heart in the jail. 

All the screenshots are taken from Netflix unless mentioned otherwise.