Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai is one of the best sitcoms to have existed on Indian television. The humour, the characters and the plotlines gave the audience a show that simply cannot be forgotten. And one of the best characters from the show (because literally, each and every one of them is amazing), is Monisha Sarabhai. The role was essayed perfectly by Rupali Ganguly. 


Monisha Sarabhai was one heck of a person. She had her own quirks and beliefs. I believe she was also smart AF when if came to the matters of money.

In fact, I’d go as far as to say that Monisha is the OG money savvy queen who knew how to manage finances quite well, and maybe, we can all learn a thing or two from her!

This Sarabhai knew the importance of travelling smart. I mean, suppose you have a transit flight, and you’re extremely excited about getting to explore a city. But you’re more concerned with spending money on the museum and art gallery tickets than on food. What’s the harm in arranging a meal for yourself that’ll cut down your total cost? Well that is exactly what Monisha intended for her MIL Maya. 

Okay, can we talk about just how ahead of her time Monisha was right here. She decides to take Sahil’s old clothes to the tailor to get them altered and upcycle them. Now, this is what you call sustainable fashion. Saving money, and the planet. 

In all honesty, us Indians have been making environment friendly choices since forever; using metal tiffins, turning old clothes into dusting cloths and taking care of each and everything to make it last twice as long. What else do you call that?

Not to mention, Monisha always knew what her money was worth. And, she made sure that she got the full value of it back, too. 

Monisha also made sure she kept her eye on the best deals around town. Especially if the deals and discounts were related to food. Which is a really great tip for the rest of us, TBH.

And let’s not forget how she thought of getting the best bargain even out of an international product. She kept an intelligent tab on the cost of things from across the world, even if it was something as mundane as aloo bhujiya!

What an absolute queen! All hail Monisha Sarabhai.