If you’re a 90s kid, chances are you know who Mr Bean is.  

Yep, this guy. Played by the genius Rowan Atkinson.  

He was so funny, you could just sit for hours and watch him do weird things all by himself and somehow everything he did was downright hilarious.  

Whether it was falling asleep during the sermon at church… 

Or whether it was getting locked out of his own hotel room, buck naked!  

Or whether it was him driving his car while sitting on a chair tied to the roof of the car! GENIUS.

Everything he did was funny!  

And everything he did was alone.  

As a character, Mr Bean made you laugh at the hilarity of the situation. But, he was also a character largely written to be alone and, therefore, mostly detached from most social norms. That would explain his awkwardness around women. 

And friends/colleagues. 

He was written to be out of place. But, when you look back at Mr Bean now, what you see is an individual who lived his life and did things alone. And he had fun while doing those things!  

He’d take himself to dinner! 

Yes, it’s his birthday and he’s alone and technically, that would come across as sad. But, is he sad? No. He’s happy spending his birthday with himself! 

And he’d even calculate his budget before ordering!  

He’d take himself to the swimming pool, even though he was obviously afraid of heights. 

He’d take himself on a holiday. 

He’d go out on a date. 

And he’d take himself to the dentist! 

This was a man who had his life well put together. He had a job – we don’T know what his line of work was, though.  

He was a terrible host, of course – he served his colleagues twigs to eat. And he slammed the door on the kids singing Christmas carol. 

But, he celebrated Christmas, nevertheless! Even if it was just him!  

Mr Bean is, in hindsight, the epitome of enjoying your own company. Loving yourself and living for yourself. No matter what the world says about you.

He was made out to be flawed, funny, idiotic and downright annoying, even. In short, human and real and nothing unimaginable like is usually portrayed, especially by men, even today. 

Sure, as a show, it made for one of the most hilarious TV shows to ever have been made (just try contesting me on this, I dare you!), but, as a character, Mr Bean is so much more relatable, now more than ever! 

At a time when the whole world was probably not even thinking enough about living alone and being with one’s own self, this show – albeit created as a caricature and an anomaly at most – gave the world a man who was only too happy living with himself, enjoying his own company, not needing another person to complete them, and thereby, living life to the fullest! 

Except for Teddy. Who was his forever friend!