Now Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, a popular Youtuber, visited India for the first time, and a similar incident happened to him. He took to Twitter to talk about it and shared how an Indian wanted to take a picture with him but had no idea who he was, lol. 

You cannot deny how desis are obsessed with firangis or rather white skin. Call it cultural diversity or what, but Indians love the fusion of desi and videshi things. And are also smitten by foreigners very easily and want a picture with them.  

I was walking around in India and someone asked for a picture. So I asked my translator to ask him what his favorite MrBeast video is and he said that he doesn’t know what a MrBeast is and just wanted a photo with a tall white guy lol.

Here’s what he said:

Soon the Tweet went viral and desis made a lot of comments about it. But everyone agreed that this is a common practice in India.

Btw, there’s no reason for it but desis still do it. 

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