The new MCU show Ms. Marvel is about a teenager who’s a die hard fan of the Avengers, Captain Marvel to be specific. And she takes it quite seriously, which we love. But, each new episode of the show is upscaling every desi’s excitement with the perfect references. From throwing SRK trivia left and right to featuring our favourite songs, they’re doing it all. And, they’re doing it right.

In the third episode of the series, we see Aamir and Tyesha getting married. While I couldn’t get my eyes off the spread, the MCU show surprised me with both their families dancing on desi songs. And, I mean choreographed performances. This also included Kamala, Bruno and all the kids dancing to Dil Bole Hadippa’s song Hadippa.


Of course relatability peaked here for every desi kid, I know I was shaking my shoulders a little bit. From showing us a celebration of Eid to getting us such references, it does seem like Marvel has taken the assignment seriously, and how. This not only makes the narrative exciting, but also refereshing to follow.

And, Redditors couldn’t agree more.

We’re loving the desi-ness.

You can watch Ms. Marvel on Disney+ Hotstar.