1. The sound of nails on a chalkboard.

2. The moment when you are about to sneeze but can’t!

3. People dawdling in front of you.

5. YouTube ads that can’t be skipped.

6. Long queues.

7. Jet lag.

8. Bad breath/ Body odour.

9. An empty fridge.

10. An itchy mosquito bite.

11. The Monday blues!

12. Crying babies.

13. Excessively long IVR Menus.

14.Movie and TV Series spoilers.

15. Getting sneezed in your face.

16. Unexpected guests!

17. Nose picking.


18.Burping and farting in public.

19. Feeling the need to pee at 5 a.m in the winter.

20. Delayed flights/ trains.

21.Stubbing your toe on the bed-post in the dark.

23. Rubbing two balloons against each other.

24. Internet Explorer.

25. Fighting for the last drop of ketchup.

26. The Anti-Smoking ads before your movie.